The Borough Council is the second political level of municipal administration. Each of the four boroughs has their own  Borough Council made up of a minimum of three members, with the same competence and authority imparted to them by the decree 850-2001 (concerning the town amalgamations) or the Municipal Council.


Due to the population of the borough of Lennoxville, only one councillor can be a member of the Municipal Council. Nevertheless, to have the minimum three required members of the Borough Council, two other members are elected to the Borough Council. These two members sit on the Borough Council only. 

Elected Borough Councillors

Borough Council President

The job of the council president in the Borough of Lennoxville consists of:

  • hosting the Borough Council sessions;
  • participating in creating the orders of the day;
  • participating in the drafting of accounts that require the president's signature;
  • giving all the accounts to the Borough Council;
  • participating in public consultations related to the committees' business.

Presidency of a Committee

Any of the members of the Borough Council can become a committee president, formed by the Borough Council, with the following responsibilities:

  • taking the responsibility of the annual planning of the committee, when required, and depositing it to the Borough Council;
  • making sure the that committee works are in agreement with the Borough Council's orientation, with the City of Sherbrooke's strategic planning and with the works of the other committees linked to its main goal;
  • depositing the annual report to the Borough Council, bearing the committee president's signature.

Borough Obligations

The first place of community life development is a Borough; it assures services are offered close by. Here is the list of its competences and authority.

Information for Citizens

  • To accommodate requests for information, service requests and complaints and then treat them according to the Borough responsibilities or transmit them to the municipal services concerned.
  • Inform the citizens about Borough and City services.

Urban Planning

  • A Consultative Committee on urban planning is comprised under the Land Use Planning and Development Law.
  • Hold Public Consultation Sessions.
  • To adopt a regulation on the minor exemptions of the urban planning regulation.
  • with the collaboration of the Urban Planning Division and permits and inspections; to rule on the requests for minor exemptions, on requests for planning approval and architectural integration concerning the Borough region.
  • To give opinions and recommendations in regards to the preparation or modification of land use planning, the modifications to urban planning regulations or on all other subjects brought to the Borough Municipal Council.

Fire Safety Precautions

  • Within the framework of the development, modifications and revisions to the grid covering the risks to the City; formulate recommendations and support their implementation within the Borough.

Culture, Leisure and Parks in the Borough

  • See to the organisation and management of leisure, sports and socio-cultural activities in the borough.
  • Organise or support the organisation of special events under its responsibility.

Road System

  • To exert the City's responsibilities in regards to the road system, traffic lights, traffic and parking circulation control, on local streets and rural roads within its jurisdiction, under the terms of the performance contract of the Borough Council in collaboration with the City of Sherbrooke.
  • To give priority to major maintenance work on the Borough's local road system in function with the budget authorized annually by the Municipal Council.

Economic, Local and Community Development

  • To financially support, according to the development plan rules laid out by the City, the organisations which carry out their activities based on local, community or social development within the Borough.
  • To coordinate community life development within the borough.

Other competences and authority

  • To manage the annual grant allotted by the Municipal Council, in respecting the standards it sets, in regards to the services which must be offered to the Borough Council.
  • To give opinions and recommendations concerning budgets and budget priorities. It should be noted that the Borough Council does not have the power to borrow or impose taxes.
  • To give opinions and recommendations on all other subjects submitted by the Municipal Council.
  • To prepare an action plan on the surrounding services and have it approved by the Municipal Council.

Planning Advisory Committee


Planning Advisory Committee of the Borough is made up of the following members:

  • all elected Borough Council members;
  • two Borough residents, one of which is designated by the Borough Council to sit on the City's Consultative Land Planning Committee.

Resource personnel 

  • The Borough manager, who takes on the role of secretary, attending all the committee sessions.
  • The City's Consultative Land Planning Committee can receive, as needed, the collaboration of civil servants designated by the Municipal Council or that of their manager.


At the request of the Borough Council or Municipal Council, the City's Consultative Land Planning Committee is given the mission to study subjects on Borough's regional land use planning (listed below) and to formulate the Borough Council's recommendations:

  • overall land use planning (P.A.E. in French);
  • site Planning and Architectural Integration Programs (P.I.I.A. in French);
  • minor exemptions;
  • citation of historical monuments and sites conforming with Chapter IV of the Loi sur les biens culturels (L.R.Q in French., chapter B-4);
  • all other subjects submitted by the Borough Council or by the Municipal Council.

The City's Consultative Land Planning Committee is obligated to produce an annual report on the Borough Council's activities.


In the execution of its duties, the Planning Advisory Committee of the Borough can:

  • create study committees made up of some of its members,
  • consult any resource person authorised for this purpose by the Borough or Municipal Councils,
  • consult the City personnel and obtain all necessary reports or studies, their disclosure being authorised beforehand by the Municipal Council,
  • convene the people involved in a project to get additional explanations or information,
  • map out the rules of internal control and submit them for the Borough Council's approval.

Advisory Committee on Social and Community Development

Nature of the committee

The Advisory Committee on Social and Community Development of Lennoxville is a bilingual statutory advisory committee of the Borough Council.

Mandate of the committee

The Advisory Committee is mandated to study and make recommendations to the Borough Council on the following or any other appropriate area of activity:

  • community life
  • fight against social exclusion and poverty
  • housing
  • security
  • persons’ mobility 
  • integration of handicaped people
  • immigration
  • sports, culture and recreation
  • urbain development
  • economic life

The Advisory Committee establish a significant link of cooperation with the affiliates and partners of the community, the goal being to listen and to work on problems related to these areas of activity. This committee will create a multiplier effect in the community to encourage concerted actions in the community.

Merchants’ Committee

Nature of the committee

The Merchants’ Committee is established to give an opportunity for merchants to participate in the development of neighbourhood activities and find solutions to various problems raised by local merchants. While the Committee has no decision-making authority, it can submit recommendations to the Borough Council. This committee is a statutory advisory committee of the Borough Council. When its recommendations are accepted, the committee implements them with the Borough’s support. 


The committee is mandated to share and recommend solutions and actions in order to participate in the economic revitalization of the community. It helps to establish effective communication with the business environment of the borough.