The territory of the borough of Lennoxville has 5,488 permanent residents and more than 3,000 students stay here for 9 months per year for their studies.

Borough of Lennoxville has a special character with a very nice community spirit. It has its own downtown with stores and restaurants. It also has many educational institutions and community organizations. It is known as a bilingual borough. Borough of Lennoxville is a place where the two linguistic communities live in harmony.


The borough of Lennoxville has many interesting places that add to the charm of the area. Here are a few spots not to be missed :

  • Borough office
    150 Queen Street

    This beautiful building in the second empire architectural style was built in 1879 and was used as the city hall. Presently, this is where the borough office is located. From 1885 to 1912, this building housed primary school classes and later on the first two floors, a secondary school until a new school was built. For more than 60 years, the library was situated here.

  • Amédée-Beaudoin Community Hall
    10 Samuel-Gratham Street

    The borough of Lennoxville, in the City of Sherbrooke, allowed access to the Amédée-Beaudoin community hall for admissible organisations to support them in the running of their leisure, cultural or community activities in order to respond to the needs of the citizens in the borough. For more detailed information concerning the hall rental:

  • Bibliothèque Lennoxville Library
    101, Queen Street

    Initially built to house a post office in 1940, this building now houses Lennoxville's borough library. The library is run by a non-profit organization that makes available an appreciative variety of as many books in French as in English for the residents of Sherbrooke and its surrounding area.
  • Uplands Cultural Centre and Heritage House
    9, Speid Street

    Situated in an elegant historical residence in the borough of Lennoxville, the Uplands cultural centre and heritage house offers a look into the local history as well as cultural and artistic traditions. A collection of antiques belonging to the historical society and Lennoxville museum furnish this historical residence. The historical society and museum of Lennoxville-Ascot presents expositions of a historical nature and conserves the archives from the Lennoxville-Ascot region

  • Teaching institutions

    The borough of Lennoxville is renowned for the quality of its teaching institutions. It's students from throughout Canada and even other parts of the world who establish themselves there during their studies, who in a certain way make up the personality of the borough of Lennoxville. They give the borough the characteristics that they can call their own. The borough offers primary education as much in French as in English and also allows English to be taught in both secondary schools. There is also both an English college and a University in the region.
  • Le Vieux Club de golf Lennoxville (Old Lennoxville Golf Club)
    19 Golf Street

    Built in 1897 and owned by Bishop's University, the Old Lennoxville Golf Club is the oldest nine-hole golf course in Canada. Offering a challenge to all levels of golfers, this golf course just can't be missed.

  • Dairy and Swine Research and Development Centre
    2000 Collège Street

    This centre is one of nineteen Canadian research centres on agriculture and agri-food under the juristriction of Agriculture and Agri-food. This is the only one of the nineteen specialising in the domain of dairy and swine industries in Canada.