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New owners

If you are a new owner, it is possible that the tax bill for your property was sent to the former owner. This is no way eliminates your obligation to pay your taxes according to the schedule established by the city. Failure to do so will result in you paying interest as of the due dates established for the payments.

Please note that the Ville de Sherbrooke does not issue a new tax bill when there is a change in ownership. However, it is possible to get an online copy of your tax bill.

If you have not received your tax bill, or you are unsure whether or not you did, it is your responsibility to ensure that your file is up to date by contacting the Revenue Division at 819-821-5626.

Welcome Tax

The percentage rates for the welcome tax are described in the table below and apply as of January 1st, 2020:

1st tier$0-$51,7000.5%
2nd tier$51,701-$258,6001%
3rd tier$258,601-$500,0001.5%
4th tier$500,001 and over3%

Example for an amount of $1,000,000:

1st tier$0-$51,7000.5%$258.50
2nd tier$51,701-$258,6001%$2,069
3rd tier$258,601-$500,0001.5%$3,621
4th tier$500,001 and over3%$15,000

The amount to be used in the welcome tax calculation is the higher of the following:

  1. the amount of the consideration given to transfer the property, before taxes;
  2. the amount of the consideration stipulated to transfer the property;
  3. the market value (roll value, multiplied by the roll factor).