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The Ville de Sherbrooke, with a population of 165 937 inhabitants in 2019 and spread over an area of 366 km2, features 2 400 toponyms, including 1 700 odonyms.

Toponomy committee

Since 1985, a toponymy committee has been ensuring that the Ville de Sherbrooke develops a toponymy corpus that reflects the aspirations of its inhabitants and is reminiscent of its history and natural setting. The committee implements the policies, principles, standards, and procedures provided for in the Guide toponymique du Québec and the Guide odonymique du Québec, both published by the Commission de toponymie du Québec.

Toponym selection criteria

  • Bringing to mind people from the region who stood out in the artistic, community, economic, educational, literary, political, religious, scientific, sports, and social fields.
  • Evoking memories of old, well-established Sherbrooke families.
  • In some cases, recalling people from outside the region who distinguished themselves in one of the aforementioned activities.
  • Bringing to mind geographic landmarks or local historical facts.
  • On occasion, looking back to common names.

Submitting a toponym

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