Instructions for using bins

Maximum weight

When full, your roll-out bin should never weigh more than 90 kg (200 lb). If it exceeds this weight, the collection truck will be unable to lift it and you will be required to reduce the weight before the next collection. Excessively heavy bins are also prone to breaking.

Make sure your roll-out bin is correctly placed

Place your roll-out bin at the edge of the street, with the wheels next to the curb. Don't put the wheels on the curb as this may damage your bin when it is lifted by the collection truck.

If you don't have a curb, place your bin on the gravel shoulder.

Make sure the handles are positioned towards the house.

Make sure that no vehicle or object can obstruct the mechanical lifting of the bins.

Always leave a minimum of one bin's space between two bins. This space is required so that the truck's lifting forks can properly pick-up the bins. Ideally, place one bin on each side of your driveway.

In winter

During a storm, wait to put your bin out until the following week! If you have no other choice, put your bin out the morning of the collection and remove it quickly following collection so as not to hinder snow removal.


On other winter days, set out your bins the morning of the collection, no earlier. You'll make life easier for the operators assigned to snow removal and the various collections.

Never leave a bin on the sidewalk, since it could hinder snow removal and the spreading of abrasives.

Obtaining and repairing brown and green bins

Where do I get a brown or green roll-out bin?

Visit your borough office and the roll-out bin ($100 each) will be delivered to your home.

For buildings with five or more units, distribution will be upon request. Only the building's owner or caretaker can make the request by contacting his borough office or by calling 819-821-5858.

Requesting a second brown or green bin

The owner or caretaker of a building who would like a second brown or green roll-out bin ($100 each) should request one at his borough office or at 819-821-5858. The additional bins will be delivered in the weeks following the request.

What if it gets damaged?

Report any damage (broken wheels, lid or grid) by calling 819-821-5858. An agent will come to your home in the days that follow. Only Ville de Sherbrooke's roll-out bins will be repaired.

Ownership of your brown and green bins

Owners are required to accept and store their brown and green bins at the home to which they were distributed. As is the case with the other roll-out bins, they remain Ville de Sherbrooke property. If you move, you must leave them onsite.

Obtaining or repairing a black roll-out bin

How do I get a black bin?

Visit your borough office and upon payment of $100, we will deliver a 360-litre roll-out bin to your home.

What do I do if my bin gets damaged?

Report any damage (broken wheels, lid or grid) by calling 819-821-5858. An agent will come to your home in the days that follow.