Christmas Trees

Collection dates

Citizens in all boroughs should put out their Christmas tree before 8 a.m. the day of regular collection. The collection is scheduled the week of January 7, 2019.

Guidelines to follow

  • Remove all decorations (balls, tinsel, lights, etc.) that can interfere with recycling  the tree.
  • Leave your tree in a sheltered place until the collection date. This will prevent the tree from getting covered with thick layers of snow and ice, where it could be missed by the collection staff.
  • Make sure your tree is easily accessible: place it at the end of the driveway, free of snow and ice. Don't leave it in the street as this can hinder snow removal operations.
  • Don't cover your tree with a sheet of plastic.

A few statistics

  • Number of recycled trees per year: approximately 7 000 trees
  • Average annual weight of recycled tree: approximately 70 tons
  • Number of families served: 74 000

Why recycle a Christmas tree?

Trees are organic matter and produce biogases and leachate in the dump. So it's in our interest to put them to good use rather than just discarding  them.

A new life for your Christmas tree

Recycled trees can be put to good use in a number of ways:

  • wood chips
  • essential oil extracts
  • energy conversion

Did you miss the collection?

You can always take your tree to the ecocentres where it will be recycled. Visits are free and unlimited for Sherbrooke residents.