Authorized Pesticides

To protect the health of the public and of the environment, the Ville de Sherbrooke is gradually restricting the use of pesticides within its territory.

From now on, only low-impact pesticides may be applied in Sherbrooke. To provide a transition period, other pesticides will be authorized in fall 2016 only, beginning September 8, 2016.

To better understand the by-law, consult the Maintenance Guide for a Healthy Lawn (in French only).

If you rely on a third party to apply pesticides, you are required to do business with a contractor on the List of Businesses Holding a Pesticide Application Permit From the Ville de Sherbrooke.

Only low-impact pesticides are permitted on the grounds of public, private, and in-home daycare centres, schools, and health and social services institutions, as well as the lots adjacent to these institutions.

Do you still have pesticides other than low-impact pesticides in your possession? Go to one of the ecocentres to get rid of them.