Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are permitted on residential properties of detached or semi-detached single-family dwellings (one fireplace per main building), throughout the Ville de Sherbrooke. While outdoor fireplaces do not require a permit, certain rules must be respected.

How to choose an outdoor fireplace?

Where to install an outdoor fireplace?

Install the fireplace in the back or side yard and respect the following limits :


  • 6 m from all buildings, including balconies and patios;
  • 3 m from all property lines, hedges, trees, or combustible material;
  • 6 m from all tanks or cylinders containing gas or flammable liquids.

How to reduce to a minimum the air emissions and harmful effects associated with outdoor fires?

  • Only use branches, logs, or wood that is dry, unvarnished, unpainted, and untreated. Dry and clean wood promotes proper combustion.
  • Never use an accelerant or other material (food, waste, plastic) that can result in poor combustion, odours, smoke, or release toxic products into the air.

Environmentally friendly alternative to wood-burning outdoor fireplaces

More and more gas outdoor fireplaces (natural gas or propane) are appearing on the market. These fireplaces produce few pollutants and, due to a constant source of fuel, provide constant heat.

How to make sure your fire is safe at all times?

  • The fire must contained in an outdoor fireplace that meets the previously mentioned requirements.
  • The fire must be under the constant supervision by a person aged 18 or over who assumes full responsibly for controlling the fire.
  • Before leaving, make sure the fire is completely out.
  • Keep the required equipment close by to prevent any risk of fire (shovel, rake, bucket of water, hose, fire extinguisher).

Never light outdoor fires under the following conditions:

  • During a smog episode.
  • When the Service de protection contre les incendies declares the Fire Weather Index as "Extreme".
  • During violent winds.
  • During any other condition unfavourable to lighting any kind of outdoor fire.

How to exhibit discretion and maintain good neighbourly relations?

  • Make sure not to inconvenience neighbours with smoke or odours. In case of doubt, put out the fire.
  • Maintain a proper combustion and only use authorized fuels.

Smoke, soot, sparks, and embers released from a fire that spread to the surrounding area are strictly forbidden.

Concerned or inconvenienced by a fire lit by a neighbour? Call 819-821-5511.

Other outdoor fire types

Outdoor fires

Outdoor fires require a permit and are only authorized during sanctioned public or community celebrations. Property owners must provide a letter indicating their permission to light a fire on their property.


Campfires on campgrounds are permitted on Ville de Sherbrooke territory. Campground owners must obtain a permit issued by the city that covers all campsites.

Brush fires

Brush fires, consisting of burning piles of branches or other similar materials, are authorized outside of the urban perimeter and require a permit.


Permits for outdoor fires, campfires, and brush fires

Service de protection contre les incendies
202, rue Wellington Nord, local SS-1.01

Fire Weather Index

819-821-5449 (Sherbrooke area)