Winter Maintenance


Stationnement hivernal de nuit

Pour la nuit prochaine, soit le 24 janvier 2020 , de minuit à 7 h, l'interdiction de stationner de nuit l'hiver sur un chemin public demeure en vigueur. Historique des interdictions.

In Sherbrooke, from November 15 to March 31, overnight (midnight to 7 a.m.) street parking is banned at all times. However, the ban may be lifted on certain nights.

How to find out?

As early as 4 p.m., every day, you must check on if the ban for the coming night has been lifted.

The city will also relay the information via the following tools:


  • The lifting of bans does not apply to locations where parking is prohibited by signage.
  • If you have not received a notice on the day in question, consider that the overnight parking ban remains in effect or check the notice section on the Ville de Sherbrooke’s website.
  • To avoid a nasty surprise, you are urged to refrain from overnight parking on the street in any instance in which you are unable to verify if the ban has been lifted.
  • If your car has been towed, please contact our control centre at 819-821-5858 to determine the steps required to recover the vehicle.

Good to know

Before releasing an advisory lifting the ban, the city must verify that no winter road maintenance operations (snow clearing, deicing, spreading of abrasives, street-widening, etc.) are planned for that night.

Don’t forget to ensure that you have the latest information; it is key to ensure that you are respecting winter parking regulations.


To find out if a ban on night parking has been lifted, consult Historique 2018-2019.